Boilermaking & Welding Institute : Boilermaking and Welding Institute

Boilermaking & Welding Institute

Boilermaker Training Curriculum

If you are good at working with your hands and interested in traveling to different cities across the Untied States, Boilermakers and Welding Institute is for you. Here you will be trained by retired boilermakers in the field that they have mastered, teaching necessary and meaningful skills needed to be successful. We will train students at all levels of education in welding, rigging, and boilermaking. We are focused on molding and improving each students valuable abilities and reaching their fullest potential. Our instructors are retired boilermakers and certified (NCCER) Instructors. We push to ensure our students complete each course as a boilermaker through expert critique and correct safe procedures.

We start with any student that has prior training with and skills assessment test to see where you should be placed in our program. Our instructors are not only NCCER Certified but also “nationally recognized welder inspectors”. This may mean you have to take more classes in order to achieve your goals but we make sure that your training will give you the ability to work for anyone with high standards and give you the highest probability to gain employment in today’s welder and boiler making markets. Here you will learn to communicate effectively in the field, gain the skills needed to problem solve on the worksite, and be able to look at problems with different prospective. This will be thought through testing by a national recognized program and industry standards.